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Bernard Singleton

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Bernard comes from the Yirrganyji people – who are one of the traditional owner groups of the Cairns area. He is a visual artist, performer and curator. His cultural knowledge and creative skills combined makes him an important part of Cairns’ move forward with regards to innovation.


He has been a TedX Presenter at James Cook University in Cairns, has exhibited work and performed at the United Nations Head Quarters New York in 2017 as well as in Malaysia, London, Japan, China, Korea, Singapore and New Zealand.

He has exhibited his work as a Visual Artist & Clothing Designer at Cairns Indigenous Art Fair, for three years in a row - 2015, 2016, 2017, and has been invited recently to curate the CIAF Fashion Show.


He is a cultural ambassador and is a leading practitioner in the Cairns Creative Arts community. His knowledge of the Cairns area from a cultural perspective is utilized on many occasions, with ongoing invitations to do ‘Welcome To Country’, performances and workshops at various local events.


Bernard has worked with a number of amazing artists in the industry including Teho Ropeyarn and Simone Arnol, and is always eager to collaborate with other groups. He has been a teacher/mentor for the youth of Baiwa Kazil and participants of the Stages To Success Program, and is instrumental in delivering Ochre and Chalk to the young people in schools.

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