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Cultural School of Arts

Welcome to the Cultural School of Arts, the heart of the Pryce Centre for Culture & Arts. Our goal is to uphold Cultural protocol and authenticity in all that we do - from our operations and programs to our productions. We provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth with outstanding opportunities to excel in the arts.


We take great pride in introducing our newest co-educational performing arts training program, Community ARTreach. Starting in October 2023, this program will be hosted at Bulmba-ja in Gimuy/Cairns. Our first intake of emerging artists will come from AFL Boys & Girls Houses (Cairns) and Torres Strait Kaziw Meta (Thursday Island). It is designed specifically to offer exceptional prospects for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth to thrive in the performing arts.


Our team behind Community ARTreach consists of skilled and experienced Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander facilitators. They are passionate supporters of our vision to empower the next generations with a voice in the Arts.

Upon graduating from the Pryce Cultural School of Arts, our students will be equipped with the skills and confidence to become employable, career-ready, and Culturally-empowered practitioners. They will make meaningful contributions not only to their own lives and families but also to society at large.


Beyond dance, the Pryce Centre places great emphasis on promoting Cultural health and support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in any setting. Our technique-based courses are delivered to the highest standard while maintaining a Culturally safe and appropriate approach.

For more information, please feel free to contact Rita Pryce at We look forward to embarking on this exciting journey with you!

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