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Rita Pryce


Rita’s experience as a leading senior practitioner in the Performing Arts industry, as well as her cultural upbringing in a remote community and enduring relationship with her people, has enabled her to gain respect as a creative leader and cultural ambassador in both worlds.

The community links and trusted networks that she has built over time at various levels through her success as Artistic Director of Baiwa Dance Company, creates a platform for her to source, inspire, develop and promote young talent from as far south as Townsville and north to islands in the Torres Strait.

Thinking innovatively comes naturally to Rita, winning her a ‘Most Potential to Scale’ award at an Innovation Business Startup Weekend in 2016. She was also a recipient of the British Council’s ACCELERATE Leadership Award In 2013, allowing her to travel to the UK for 3 weeks to network with Performing Arts companies and venues there.

Rita graduated from the Murra Program at the Melbourne Business School and is part of Australia Council for the Arts Arts Leaders Program. She has performed and taught dance Master Classes at various International events and delivered programs for a wide range of clients including government, private, community and corporate, both nationally and internationally.

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Rita Pryce
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